Affordable Flat Roof Repair/replacement materials

We supply rubber based flat roof materials including EPDM rubber, Liquid Rubber & Roofix 20/10 for affordable, long lasting flat roof repairs or new build roofs. These roof materials are perfect for DIY and trade purposes for new builds or to fix leaking roofs.

Rubber Roofing products have many advantages over felt roofing as it is UV resistant so it doesn't need replacing very often making it very cost effective. It's also incredibly easy to fit since there is no specialized tools needed and can usually be fit straight over your existing roof; which makes it perfect for DIY use.

Our products are also so versatile that they can be used as flooring, pond liner repair and Caravan/RV repairs.

We also supply roof trims, artificial grass and other products that can be used to give your roof the professional and aesthetic finish.

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Liquid Rubber Roof EPDM Rubber membrane with trims Artificial grass balcony
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Recent guides on flat roof repairs

We have created a number of guides on roofing & roof repair/replacement in general as well as on our products. Here is a list of a few of our most recent. You can find more on our guides page

How to fix a leaky flat roof

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Eddie
A guide on repairing leaky flat roofs using an EPDM rubber membrane, covers removing of old roofing surface and installation of new single sheet EPDM rubber membrane.  

Introducing Roofix 20/10

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Eddie
Roofix 20/10 roofing paint was specifically developed to provide instant waterproofing for leaking roofs, an all weather product that can be applied even in damp conditions. It can be used to repair specific areas that are leaking or totally waterproof... 

All weather emergency flat roof repair/replacement

Posted on November 13, 2011 by Eddie
All Weather Emergency Paste is a high Performance Acrylic roof repair paste, made up of a special formulation that allows it to be applied even when it is raining...