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Creating a quiet building with London Sound Solutions Ltd •

London Sound Solutions Ltd provides reliable services for people who want to make their living or working arrangements quieter and more peaceful. The company soundproofs ceilings, floors and walls, but also makes sure the installed windows and doors are able to stop some of the unwanted noises. Each customer gets an individually fitted design to make the most of the available space and resources. After agreeing with the drafted plan, the company gets to work using professional materials like acoustic tiles, mass-loaded vinyl sheets or isolation clips.

How to soundproof a ceiling

People who most often contact companies that are able to soundproof a ceiling are residents of blocks of flats or tenement houses. These buildings very often are not equipped with the proper insulation, therefore one may frequently hear his or her neighbours' footsteps, conversations or music. To get rid of the unwanted clamour, London Sound Solutions Ltd installs an additional drywall or acoustic tiles. Since the impact noise is transferred via a surface it touches, it is important to create solutions which are not in a direct contact, for example by using isolation clips.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London

Electrical Services in Manchester •

Are you tired of constantly having to change the light bulbs and looking for working sockets, because the wiring had not been touched in years and seems to be extremely faulty lately? You definitely need to consider either rewiring your entire place or at least calling a professional to take a look at your problems. EL CONNECTION is certainly a firm you want to contact in this case – they are reliable and efficient, plus their experience and knowledge are impressive and let them perform even the most complicated repairs.

Electrical Services

They are going to make sure the sockets work properly – without creating short circuits or even emitting dangerous for health and safety smoke. They will see if the cables installed in your walls, ceilings and floors are reliable and if there is the need to exchange them for new ones. If they discover some serious irregularities, they will inform you on what they found and suggest the best action plan in a given case. Even though they work very fast and perform their services with professionalism, they are not expectant of big sums of money – their help is capable and affordable.

149 Trafalgar St, Ashton-under-Lyne OL7 0HN Manchester

Modern designs •

KC Solution is a well known and respected company that offers a portable cabin. For many years, provides the market buildings and modular homes designed to meet the needs of customers. The factory is located in Newcastle and is working on the production of modular pavilions. Presented designs portable cabin is very comfortable and useful and cheap. Purchasers of products from portfolio appreciate the good quality, and good conditions for cooperation. to choose from modern designs sold by If you are looking for a portable cabin manufacturer's solution is found. More information can be found on the website.
KC Cabins Solutions Ltd
Newpark Business Park ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme
07443 564 451

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